NASC & Silver Lining

Chances are, you have fed your animals, or have even taken yourself, nutritional supplements of one type or another. We’ll bet that some worked, and some didn’t. Reasons they might not have worked include: not the right type of supplement, didn’t give enough, didn’t allow enough time, and unfortunately, poor quality. It’s this last reason that causes understandable anger among customers, matched only by the frustration of manufacturers of high-quality supplements. You see, those of us with truly effective products of the very highest quality are put at a disadvantage by those who produce cheap knockoffs. For example, you, the customer, hear that a particular type of supplement is really effective at reducing the effects of joint degradation. You try a particular brand, it does nothing, so you then dismiss the entire category as worthless. When that happens, if we produce a product in that category, we’ll never get to show you that ours actually works. It pays to keep in mind that even if it carries the lowest price tag, the most expensive supplements on your shelf are the ones that aren’t working.

Enter the NASC, and its Quality Seal

National Animal Supplement Council

In 2001, a small group of quality-minded animal supplement manufacturers banded together to form the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health of companion animals and horses throughout the United States. From this small core of founders, the NASC has grown to 120 members today, with 77 receiving the Quality Seal.

The Council’s overriding goal is to promote the health and well-being of animals and to protect and enhance the integrity of the animal supplements industry. As part of this latter goal, the primary mission of NASC is to work cooperatively with state, federal, and international governmental officials to create a legislative and regulatory environment that provides a framework that is Fair, Reasonable, Responsible, and Nationally Consistent. By promoting safety, accuracy, and quality, the NASC is helping to ensure ethical manufacturing and labeling practices… and giving you, the customer, the tools to tell the difference prior to purchase, by looking for the NASC Quality Seal.

Pleased to be a member of the NASC… and even more so to have earned the NASC Quality Seal

A member of the NASC since its third year in business, Silver Lining Herbs earned the NASC Quality Seal in January 2009. Different from the NASC logo, the Quality Seal is a privilege for members to use on their products and signifies that the company has been independently audited for compliance with specific standards of quality in manufacturing, such as verifying the quantity and ratios of ingredients listed on labels. While the Quality Seal should not be your only method of determining the quality of a particular supplement, it should be the first stop on your requirements list, because when a product carries the Seal, you can rest assured that a standard worth living up to have been met.