All of our herbal supplements start right here, at the Silver Lining Herbs plant and inventory. Our headquarters boasts a state-of-the-art processing facility. That's where we formulate our well known products and work on developing new ones. It's also where we blend our formulas, using modern equipment to get the most power out of every ingredient. Then, we package our products in a handy, resealable bag, and they’re all set to be shipped out to you.

What makes the Silver Lining method stand out?

1- Pristine, clean facilities always maintained with the highest standards of hygiene. This ensures absolute purity in all of our products.

2- Each herb supply is checked upon arrival at our facility. Herbs that don't meet our high standards are rejected immediately.

3- Random herb samples are regularly sent to accredited labs for analysis for foreign material or ingredients.

4- A sample from each herb supply is inventoried for three years for quality control reasons.

5- We only work with the highest quality raw herbs. Much like meats and products, herbs are also graded. Only the highest quality ones earn the investment of powdering. The lesser-quality herbs go on to make teas and ”cut and sift” herb supplements (e.g. the ones that look like tea leaves). These lead to lots of wasted bulk in stem fibers.

6- All Silver Lining herbal formulas are powdered for a consistent, concentrated efficacy throughout the bag. Just a small scoop packs a big punch. Expect each bag to last you about two months.

6- Our team combines high levels of knowledge with passion for what we do. We put our heart and soul into providing the best possible herbal healthcare for your animals, and you.

The Silver Lining Standard

These measures are the standard at Silver Lining Herbs. In reality, we strive to go above and beyond each one, providing top-quality herbal healthcare products to our customers and their animals. Like what you’ve heard? Try out products today, and experience the power of herbal supplementation for yourself.