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Collection: Digestive Support for Horses

Herbal digestive supplements for horses can support their digestive system and greatly contribute to overall health. Help maintain your horse's gut flora, keep up a healthy appetite, deal with loose stool, and more. Our products are formulated to provide powerful support for your horses' digestive system.

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How Digestive Herbal Supplements Help

Intestinal Tract Health

Is your horse suffering from diarrhea or other intestinal disturbances? Herbal supplements can help ease pain, balance gut flora, and contribute to healthy stool.

Parasite-Free System

Herbal ingredients like garlic, slippery elm, and cascara can contribute to the maintenance of a parasite-free system. Try EP-Minus for horses, a gut-health-supporting supplement.

Nutrient Absorbtion

Help your horse absorb nutrients effectively, and promote a balanced gut flora with a probiotic. Specially designed to support the digestive system of horses, naturally.