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If you’re a horse owner looking for reliable information on keeping your horse healthy and parasite-free, our guide on Naturally Deworming Horses with Herbal Remedies is your go-to resource. Created by our team at Silver Lining Herbs, this guide covers everything you need to know about herbal deworming.

In this guide, you’ll not only learn the history behind herbal remedies and powerful herbs, we also explain the differences between traditional chemical dewormers and natural alternatives, so you can make informed choices for your horse's well-being. We identify various types of parasites that might affect your horse and outline the signs to watch out for, as well as explain the lunar cycle’s significance so you understand the science behind our holistic approach.


What The Guide Covers:

History and background of herbal deworming for horses

An overview of herbal remedies and ingredients we use to naturally deworm

A comparison between chemical dewormers and herbal deworming methods

Detailed information on various types of parasites that affect horses

How to identify signs of parasite infestation

The significance of the lunar cycle

Understanding the parasite egg-laying cycle and its alignment with lunar phases

Breakdown of the natural deworming process during days 1-3, days 4-7, and days 7-10

Information on the abrasiveness of diatomaceous earth

A holistic explanation of supporting the horse's digestive system

Be fully confident in taking care of your horse.
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