Coconut Oil for Dog Constipation is it Beneficial?

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Coconut Oil for Dog Constipation is it Beneficial? - Silver Lining Herbs

Coconut oil may be beneficial to a dog struggling with constipation. However, there are many factors that might cause constipation in dogs. Some of these factors may include:

  • Poor absorption of nutrition.
  • Pain or discomfort in the digestive system.
  • Inflamed tissues along the digestive tract
  • An overgrowth of bacteria or fungi in dog’s digestive tract.

If a dog is suffering from constipation due to these factors, then coconut oil may be beneficial.

Yeast Infections can Lead to Constipation in Dogs?

The digestive tract is full of bacteria that help break down and digest your dog’s food. When in check, these bacteria are extremely helpful in the digestion process of a dog. However, if your dog’s digestive system becomes unbalanced or damaged, it can lead to the rise of a bacteria known as Candida albicans.

Candida is the main cause of yeast infection in dogs, as well as humans. It often goes untreated and is passed off as seasonal allergies. If the Candida bacteria goes untreated it can cause many health risks including, urinary tract infections.

So now to answer your question. What does any of this have to do with constipation in dogs and coconut oil? First off, UTI’s can be extremely painful in dogs. They most likely will not want to urinate. This can lead to the false impression that your dog is struggling with constipation. However, the reason why you see your dog hunch up so frequently is not because of constipation, but to a UTI issue.

Secondly, a UTI may lead to constipation in dogs, due to the pain. If a dog finds that it’s painful to squat, then they will try to avoid the thing which they believe is causing them pain. In other words, a dog may not defecate, due to the pain of the infection. If they put off defecating, it can lead to a build-up which might be the reason your dog is constipated.

Digestive Pain, Bloating and Poor Nutrition Absorption Can Lead To Dog Constipation.

An overgrowth of bacteria and fungi can also lead to other health issues a well. It can lead to bloating, poor nutrition absorption, pain or cramps in the dog’s stomach.

Do yourself a favor and place your hands around your dog’s stomach. Be careful as to not harm them. Does the stomach feel hard or distended? If so your dog may be suffering from bloating. If you squeeze a bit underneath their stomach, do they whimper in pain or try to run away? That may be due to pain or cramps in their digestive system.

As was mentioned earlier, a dog who is experiencing pain in its stomach or digestive system may be hesitant in going to the bathroom, which can lead to constipation. Getting into and maintaining the squatting position may be too painful for them. If that is the case, they might choose to hold it rather than face the pain.

Bloating in dogs may lead to poor nutrition absorption. If a dog is experiencing poor nutrient absorption due to an overgrowth of fungi or bacteria then constipation can occur. Constipation or diarrhea may occur in dogs due to bacteria overgrowth. Too much or too little water may be absorbed from the dog’s intestines. Constipation occurs when too much water is being absorbed. Diarrhea occurs when too little water is absorbed.

The Benefit Of Coconut Oil for Dogs.

There is good news! Coconut oil may be beneficial in helping dogs who suffer from constipation. Coconut Oil is made up largely of medium-chain triglycerides. We will call them MCT’s for short.

It has been speculated that MCT’s work as a natural aid to enhance immune system functions to help fight against bacteria, fungi, and parasites. According to “When consumed, coconut oil’s anti-microbial properties become activated once triglycerides (fats) are converted into monoglycerides and free fatty acids in the digestive tract. All of this leads to improved digestion and nutrient absorption. The healthy fats contained in coconut oil have a destabilizing effect that weakens the membrane of the harmful bacteria to the point that it disintegrates and dies”

It has also been suggested that coconut oil helps heal inflamed tissues in the digestive tract. Which may help remove the discomfort your dog is feeling. If your dog has no inflamed tissues, then they will have a desire to defecate.

Fatty acids in coconut oil, caprylic acid and lauric acid, have been shown to help kill Candida and other damaging organisms without harming friendly bacteria. These fatty acids may also help speed the healing of inflamed or damage intestinal walls, therefore improving the overall intestinal health of a dog.


Many factors can cause constipation in dogs. Some of these factors can be life-threatening. If you believe your dog’s life might be in danger then consult a vet. Constipation can be a secondary symptom caused by a bigger problem. Here at Silver Lining we try to focus on the overall health of the dog. We know the benefits that coconut oil may have for your dog. That is why we offer Hemp seed coconut oil for dogs. With the right nutrition, diet and exercise many of these health issues can improve greatly in your dog.

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