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Dog Detox - Silver Lining Herbs

Does a Dog Need to Detox? What even is the Purpose for a Detox? Why Would I Detox my Dog?

Let’s take a dive into this!

It is important to know that detox is not just a trendy word, but something that your dog’s body does on a daily basis and has been doing since the beginning of time, just like our bodies.

The detoxification process is simply the process of getting waste out of the body. Your dog consumes food, their body utilizes this food, turns it into waste, and then gets rid of it. Here is the catch though…

Our dog’s bodies are facing an elimination process or detoxification process does not functionally properly.

Here is why…

The majority of dogs are on a specific food for the majority of their life, this does not allow for much variety in their diet to nourish their bodies throughout their lives.Because of this, the body then faces too much of some nutrition, and not enough of other elements in the body. As these excess elements build in the body over a period of time, detox process is not able to keep up and therefore the dog isn’t able to feel its best.

Two major organs play a roll in the waste elimination process: the Liver and the Kidneys.

The Liver

The liver has to filter everything that goes in or on the body. It is responsible for histamine production and allergy reactions as well. Dogs are struggling with allergies today, more than ever before. Along with regular seasonal activities, allergies have also been seen to be caused by genetics and nutrition. If the liver is continually overworked and never given the proper nutrients to keep up with the cleansing that the body needs to function properly, it instead becomes deficient and overwhelmed. Outwardly signs would show up in watery eyes, nose, skin irritation causing scratching and biting, and more.

The Kidneys

The kidneys are responsible for getting all impurities out of the body through the urinary system. These impurities can be through water retention, calcium build up, arthritis and more. A build up of these impurities can result in inflammation and range of motion issues. Like the liver, the kidneys are not reset and nourished for most dogs, because of the lack of variety in their diets.


The solution is to cleanse, nourish and support these systems on a regular basis. Our team at Silver Lining Herbs suggests using the #27 Liver and the #37 Kidney Support twice a year in the spring and fall for 30-60 days. This time of year is perfect because of the ancestral history of dogs. When dogs were hunting for their food, their prey would eat these blossoming herbs before the dog ate them for those nutrients. The changing of the seasons is the perfect time to remember to reset your dog’s health.

Taking the time to detox your dog will be very beneficial if done in a healthy way, with high quality products. Let’s give our dog’s back the quality of life they deserve for many happy years of you and him to come.

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