Picky dogs - tips for success!

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Helping our picky dogs eat their herbs

Are you trying to support your dog in a healthy and natural way by adding herbs to his daily regimen, but find that he’s not that willing to eat them? Here are a few tips for your picky eater that may help them change their mind so they can get the added benefits of herbs they need.

How to get dogs to eat powdered herbs?
  1. Sprinkle the powdered herbs right over their favorite dry kibble.
  2. If you are trying to give multiple products, start wit just one. Once your dog gets accustomed to it, add the second product.
  3. Give a smaller amount of the recommended dose. Then work up to the full recommended dose.
  4. Leaving their food bowl down, allowing them to pick throughout the day, may also make them come around to trying it.
  5. Our Hemp Seed Coconut Oil can also be used to help with the smell and taste of the herbs. Dogs seem to love the taste of the nutty flavor of it.
  6. Mix the powdered herbs into pumpkin puree. Dogs love the taste of pumpkin, and it is great for their digestive system.
How to get dogs to take capsuled herbs?
  1. Give capsule by putting it on the back of their tongue so they will swallow it. Blowing on your dog’s nose will encourage swallowing.
  2. Surround the capsule with your dogs favorite treat.
  3. If your dog can sense the capsule in the treat. Give a few treats without the capsule, then slip a capsule into the treat at random.
  4. You can always pull the capsule apart and take one of tips from the powdered section as well.

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