3 Reasons to Give Your Horse Silver Lining Herbs’ Digestive Support This Season!

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3 Reasons to Give Your Horse Silver Lining Herbs’ Digestive Support This Season! - Silver Lining Herbs

3 Reasons to Give Your Horse Silver Lining Herbs’ Digestive Support This Season 

Proper digestive support is essential for the health of yourself and your horses! A horse's digestive system, while complex, is a pillar of their well-being! It can be even more important during the winter months! Many factors can impact a horse’s digestion during winter that might not be present the rest of the year. One common factor that can affect digestion is a change in diet.

During the summer, horses have a more diverse diet and can get a wider variety of nutrients. However, in winter, they may only have access to dry hay as a single food source. Here at Silver Lining Herbs, we offer products made with key herbs that may help balance your horse's digestive health! Let's take a closer look at some of these products and how they may help make a difference for your horses this winter.

Prevention Can Be the Best Medicine

Some horse health products are specifically created to target certain conditions or potential health issues and may help improve their overall well-being. These products may provide horses with an advantage in terms of prevention. For example, supporting the digestive system with the right products may help in the prevention of colic.

Horses are susceptible to colic due to digestive problems or changes in temperature. Silver Lining Herbs offers several products, such as our Digestive Support, that may help promote a healthy digestive system. Additionally, Colic-Eaz may be used as a preventative measure. This product is composed of plant-based ingredients that may help relieve gas and soothe the digestive tract when colic symptoms appear.

Natural Support From Herbs to Enzymes 

Here at Silver Lining Herbs, we specialize in crafting horse health products using safe and effective plant-based ingredients. Among them is our Probiotic! So, what are probiotics? We're glad you asked! Probiotics are a specially formulated set of enzymes that may help promote gut health in horses, dogs, and people! 

Horse probiotics may aid in digestion and help balance gut microorganisms, therefore improving nutritional value, weight support, and overall energy. They may also enhance the effectiveness of our other products, too!

Going Beyond the Gut 

A horse's digestive system consists of more than just the Gastrointestinal tract. It also includes the liver, and to a lesser extent, the kidneys. These organs work together to form a rather complex system. To address specific concerns, we also offer various products for different parts of the digestive system, such as the liver.

Speaking of the liver, what does it do? The liver, as well as the kidneys, play a vital role in filtering toxins from a horse's body. Supporting these systems may help enhance their natural functions and may also help contribute to your horse's overall health and wellness this season!

So, in short, preparation and prevention are keys to helping your horses thrive when the cold weather season arrives! 

To learn more about how you can help give your horse’s gut an advantage this winter, give us a call, or check us out at www.silverliningherbs.com

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