3 Ways to Control Bugs Around Your Animals and Property

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3 Ways to Control Bugs Around Your Animals and Property - Silver Lining Herbs

Bug season is here. Throughout mid to late summer, insect and pest populations can explode. 

Flies, mosquitos, and parasites of all kinds seemingly appear out of nowhere. They’re annoying and can cause all sorts of problems.

Pests can carry and transmit diseases, and parasites can find their way into your animals. While you can make the most of pest mitigation techniques year-round, now is a great time to take extra precautions to minimize the effects of booming insect populations around your property. 

From dog and horse supplements to strategic water use, here are a few steps you can take to control common pests.


Drain and Dry Stagnant Water 

This is one of the quickest and most effective ways to mitigate the effects of pest activity. Take a walk around your property and look for any stagnant water sources.

Everything from palm-sized puddles to roadside ditches can be a breeding ground for flies, mosquitos, and other insects. Keep an eye out for potential leaks or water that may be trapped, as leaks and water are a fly’s best friend.

The more you can do to get the water flowing or dried out, the better. While you might not be able to do much about stagnant water on other nearby properties, if you can manage these problem spots in your immediate vicinity, you’ll be able to reduce the spread of flies and bugs. 

Another step you can take is to clean up any manure that may be in or near barns and stables. As we all know, manure is yet another breeding ground for annoying pests.

Keeping areas near buildings and stables clean can play an important role in reducing insect activity near your animals.


Replenish Animal Water Sources

Sometimes, “stagnant” water is essential for an animal’s well-being. Some water sources — like troughs or buckets — can hold still water long enough for insects and parasites to breed, but this water can be unhealthy for your animals.

And yet, your animals still need to stay hydrated. There are a few strategies you can use to navigate this tricky situation. 

One option is to install a water filter and circulator. Another option is to add fish.

Goldfish can help eat algae and insect eggs. Keep in mind, however, that fish are only an ideal solution to be used for larger troughs of water

An additional option is to replace water regularly. This solution isn’t always possible and may be a little less practical, but it’s a solid way to keep insect populations down.

Just be mindful of replacing the stagnant water with clean, fresh water when it comes time to emptying troughs and buckets.


Keep Deworming Supplements on Hand

Dogs, horses, and other animals can often be susceptible to worms and parasites. Animals can pick worms and parasites up from many different sources, whether from pasture grazing or drinking stagnant water.

You can keep your animals on a healthy deworming regimen with products like natural dog dewormers and horse dewormers

These supplements help your animals build a strong internal defense against unwanted intruders — intruders like parasitic worms. Natural dewormers help move parasites through your animals’ systems by creating an internal environment parasites can’t stand.

If you see any signs of parasites, reach for a dewormer. Common signs of parasites in both horses and dogs include weight loss, lethargy, changes in skin and coat, diarrhea, and visible worms visible in an animal’s stool.


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