3 Ways to Manage Your Horse's Well-Being During Competition Season

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3 Ways to Manage Your Horse's Well-Being During Competition Season - Silver Lining Herbs

We’re well into competition season. From races to shows, it’s a busy season for horses, riders, and owners alike.


For a lot of folks, maintaining their horse’s well-being throughout the season is a priority. They don’t want to miss a step — and neither does the horse. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to keep your competition horse primed all season long, and as the season ends.


For some, it might be time to add supplements to your horse’s regimen — like joint support supplements or weight gain supplements for horses — if weight gain or muscle maintenance are concerns. What else can you do?


Here are a few quick tips to get you started. 


1. Addressing Competitive Anxiety

Just like people, horses can experience anxiety and nerves during competition. A lot is asked of them, and horses often sense that. They don’t want to make mistakes.


At the same time, as they compete, they may be introduced to environments and other horses they’ve never seen before, which can also add to their nerves.


No matter the source of the anxiety, there are certain herbs for horses that may help ease those nerves. These kinds of horse supplements can help support your horse’s natural nerve function and may also help your horse feel calmer in otherwise tense situations (like the competitive circuit).


Look for supplements with plant-based ingredients like chamomile, rose hips, and valerian, as these herbs can be especially helpful in calming nerves.


2. Supporting Joints, Tendons, and More

Your horse is going through a lot during competition season. While they also go through a lot during training, there’s no denying that horses can benefit from all the support they can get as when it comes time to compete.


You can maintain your horse’s well-being during competition by helping them take care of their joints. Joints, tendons, hooves, and bones all need support. As a horse is put through their paces, the more support, the better. 


Again, horse supplements can play a role. Key plant-based supplements can help give your horse’s connective tissues a boost. Look for supplements made with kelp, white willow, and yarrow, to name a few. These ingredients — along with others —  can help you give a whole new level of joint support for your horse.


3. Putting Renewed Focus on Respiratory Concerns 

Joint and bone health are important, but they represent a small fraction of numerous complex systems. Especially during competition season, each system needs as much support as the next. 


Particularly during competition season, you will want to pay attention to your horse’s respiratory system. Some horses, including racing horses, can exhibit nasal bleeding because of broken blood vessels in the lungs.


There are natural horse supplements specifically formulated to support your horse’s respiratory, vascular, and cardiovascular systems. These systems work in concert with one another.


When these systems are optimized, they can help support your horse’s well-being throughout competition season, giving your horse what they need to thrive all season long.


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