4 Ways to Protect Your Animals From Icy Weather 

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4 Ways to Protect Your Animals From Icy Weather  - Silver Lining Herbs

4 Things to Do for Your Animals When It’s Icy Outside 

Winter can be a lot of fun for our animals. Social animals like horses and dogs can often be seen running, making trails, and even rolling around in the snow. The crisp winter air can be refreshing and invigorate their senses. As they work up a sweat during the day, snow can be the perfect way to cool down. But even though winter can be an enjoyable season for horses and dogs, it does come with its share of challenges.

When temperatures really plunge and the weather gets icy, it can become overwhelming for your animals. That’s why it’s important to stay ready for icy conditions. From boosting your animals’ health and wellness with key herbs for horses and dogs to ensuring they have adequate shelter, here are a few ways to get ready for icy conditions this winter. 

Keep Their Immune Systems Supported

Weather conditions can impact our animals in many different ways. It can even impact their internal health and wellness. When it’s freezing outside, internal systems have to work harder to keep up. This includes their immune system. To compensate, it can be helpful to add immune health-focused supplements to your animals’ diets. A number of plant-based ingredients can support immune health in both horses and dogs. Even if you already have a supplement routine for your horse, complete with horse dewormers, adding supplements that are created to support their overall wellness can still be helpful.

Break Up Ice and Snow on Their Hooves and Paws

Animals like horses and dogs might spend a lot of time roaming snowy and icy ground during the winter. Over time, ice can accumulate on their hooves and paws. If left unchecked, it can lead to pain and difficulty walking. Ice can become tangled with the hair above horses’ hooves and in the fur around dogs’ paws and pads. When it’s freezing outdoors, the ice could become trapped, even with regular movement. During icy conditions, be diligent and regularly remove icy accumulation as it appears. Some days, you may need to remove ice every few hours.

Provide Simple Shelters 

Simple shelters, like lean-tos, can make a difference when the weather takes a turn on short notice. From lean-tos for horses to dog houses for canines, a roof over their heads can offer the protection they need when temperatures drop and the weather is unfavorable. Couple simple shelters with wearable blankets for even more protection. After all, icy conditions can mean lower-than-average temperatures. Many animals are built to withstand cold temperatures without much assistance. But when wind, snow, and ice enter the equation, shelters and blankets are more than welcome.

Bring Them in When the Weather Gets Rough 

While simple shelters and blankets have their place in a bind or for a passing storm, you might encounter a situation when the outside conditions become too much to handle. When temperatures plunge and conditions get icy for several days or longer, it’s time to bring the animals in, when possible. Barns, stables, or sheds—you name it—each can offer protection for your animals during the toughest days of winter. That way, they can feel their best for the rest of the year to come.

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