An Overlooked Organ - The Liver

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An Overlooked Organ - The Liver - Silver Lining Herbs

An Overlooked Organ - The Liver
The Liver is in charge of 500 functions in the body. Sounds pretty important!!

Seasonal Discomfort
Does your horse suffer from itchy skin, coughing, runny eyes or constantly rubbing their mane
and tail on the fence come spring and fall? 1 in 2 Horses have severe seasonal discomfort in the spring and
fall and that is due to a congested liver. The liver balances out histamine levels, which is why we
see these seasonal symptoms when it is compromised. The liver has to filter everything that comes in or
near the body and if that filter gets clogged, that is where we run into problems!
Think about it this way, do you change the oil/air filters in your vehicle?
Yes, we have to, or your vehicle won’t run well after a while! The liver is the filter that needs to
be cleaned twice a year.

Turning to the Right
Does your horse trot and lope in a perfect left circle but refuse to go to the right comfortably?
Their liver is located in the middle of their back and its position will add pressure which causes
discomfort. Pay attention to the little details your horse tells you.

Liver Detox
Detoxing your horse’s liver with the 27 Liver Support will support normal detoxing of toxins that build up over
time. If you let their liver get congested, you could eventually run into 500 other issues!

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