Bug Off! 3 Ways To Keep Bugs Away From Your Horses 

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Bug Off! 3 Ways To Keep Bugs Away From Your Horses  - Silver Lining Herbs

Bugs are annoying. Going into summer, bugs and insects are ready to let their presence be known.

Flies, mosquitoes, ticks — you name it. They’re out there, and they’re ready to be a menace. They can be a menace to you, your dogs, and your horses.

Some insects can be a little more than a minor annoyance while others can carry diseases — and cause big problems for you and your animals. Not to worry: Silver Lining Herbs has you covered.

We have products made to help manage all kinds of bugs. From internal parasites to ticks, here are a few options made with high-quality herbs for horses to help keep bugs at bay. 


Don’t Let Parasites Worm Their Way into Your Horse’s System 

The hot weather months can be a boon for parasites. From irrigated pastures to manure in the stable, they can hide out in many different places — and be picked up by your horses.

One way to keep parasites from taking hold within your horse is by creating a healthy, productive environment within your horse —an environment where parasites struggle to thrive.

To help you support your horse’s internal wellness, you can turn to our horse dewormers. From our Herbal Wormer to Immune Support, you can effectively tell those parasites and worms to bug off this summer. 


Give Your Horse Extra Internal Support 

Another way to deal with bugs and parasites is by going the extra mile in supporting your horse’s internal systems. For instance, maintaining your horse’s digestive system with our Herbal Wormer and Gut Support may not only help keep parasites under control, but they can also help maintain your horse’s weight.

If weight becomes a concern (and it can be during competition season!), you can always turn our weight gain supplements for horses. These products are designed to help keep your horse vital and well, and the supplements may help your horse maintain (or even grow) muscle mass.

Wellness and vitality go hand in hand — and they’re both important when it comes to protecting your horse from bugs and parasites. 


A Natural Spray to Keep the Bugs Away—Ticks Included 

While parasite control is a big deal, we can’t forget the external annoyances. Fly and ticks are a part of summer.

Ticks, in particular, can cause all kinds of problems. They’re a nuisance to horses, dogs, and people — but they can be extra problematic for horses and dogs as tickets can burrow themselves in an animal’s coat, ears, and elsewhere.

Our Bug Repel is a versatile and natural option you can use to keep bugs at bay. Simply mix the Bug Repel concentrate (a potent mix of select essential oils known for their insect-repelling attributes) with water in a spray bottle and you're good to go.

Apply Bug Repel before you head out into the pasture, on a trail ride or hike, or just spending time outdoors.  Put flies, ticks, parasites, and other annoyances in their place all of our handy bug solutions.

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