Can't Be Sick And Healthy At The Same Time

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Can't Be Sick And Healthy At The Same Time - Silver Lining Herbs

We cannot change the life-death process, but we can support a better quality of life for them. All of our horses were born one day and, unfortunately, are all going to pass away one day. However, they do not need to get sick and die, ideally, they should just get old and die.

Literally everything that goes on them or in them gets them closer or further away from that better quality of life. The feed that they are being fed effects their quality of life, the pesticides and herbicides used on that feed, the fly spray we use, the dust in the air, the vaccinations and injections we may use all has an effect on their quality of life. Although, on a daily basis we might not recognize these effects, in the long term we will.

As the care giver of the horse, they depend on us to make daily conscious decisions to support their quality of life. If we are naive about these decisions, it isn’t us who suffers, it is our horses.

When it comes to health, Hippocrates said it perfectly, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Choose wholesome food and a variety of that food for your horses that they would actually eat in a natural setting, given the opportunity. We offer 30 different combinations in our horse line that offer this wide variety to support and maintain a good quality of life. As an overall product consider our 10 Maintenance. It offers 14 wholesome herbs to support the entire body in a natural way.

We cannot all do it perfectly, but we can all do our best for them. Listen to your horse’s needs, and make a conscious decision, on a daily basis, to support their needs that gives them a consistent and long term good quality of life.

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