Detoxing for Liver and Kidney Health

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Detoxing for Liver and Kidney Health - Silver Lining Herbs

“They are a living and breathing creature and they too can have off days, so we need to look deeper. When you have one that knows what they are doing and they aren’t doing it, give them the benefit of the doubt. They can have bad days too and when they have those bad days, let that be an indicator that you need to do something to help them out.” – Mickey Young

Mickey Young, the founder and owner of Silver Lining Herbs dropped in on a webinar to discuss the importance of liver and kidney health with our horses, dogs, and ourselves.

Webinar guests shared their wins, asked great questions, and shared touching testimonials. And as always, Mickey dropped some great knowledge when it comes to the liver and kidneys. Mickey explains what you need to look for in order to identify a compromised liver, shared some personal stories, how certain feeding regimes can affect the liver and kidneys, when the best time is to use #37 Kidney Support and/or #27 Liver Support. Mickey also lets us in how how he feeds his horses.


  • if a horse is urinating frequently and if the urine is abnormally dark, cloudy, and thick, then this is prominent indicator of a compromised liver.
  • a kidney compromised horse will often resemble a colic. However, they will still have gut noises and they are likely to not roll like a colicing horse is prone to do.
  • when a horse is tying up frequently, this is an indicator of mineral imbalances in their system.
  • grain that is high in protein & sugars (molasses) are contributing factors to discomfort correlated with the kidneys. Mickey suggests replacing alfalfa hay with predominately grass hay and replacing grain with whole oats.
  • any time is fine to do the kidney and liver support, but if you want to go off of traditional Chinese medicine, late winter is the best time to use the Liver Support and late summer for the Kidney Support.
  • as long as these herbs are needed, it’s okay to use it. If you still feel like there is a need for specific herbs, keep using them.
  • Mickey gives all of his horses a pint of whole oats, a quirt of Hemp Seed Coconut Oil, a scoop of the herbs each individual horse needs and then mixes everything together. Mickey explains that he gives specific herbs according to what he sees/notices with his horses. He discusses that each horse will vary how long they should be on herbs.

This great webinar that is packed full of valuable information. Staying proactive with these filtering organs can have positive long term effects.

“It’s a matter of learning to watch your animals and yourself. Let’s not get too far away from our own care. If there’s something not quite right about what is going on in your life then fix it. If we not doing good, then we can’t take care of our horses and dogs.” – Mickey Young

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