Detoxing is Natural for your Horses and Dogs

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Detoxing is Natural for your Horses and Dogs - Silver Lining Herbs

Liver and kidney detox for Horses and Dogs

Detoxing is not a fad. Every horse and dog detoxes. It is a natural occurrence in the body. The body is meant to bring good stuff in and take the bad stuff out. The problem is that our horses and dogs are getting less of the good and more of the bad than ever before and because of this their kidney’s and liver may need some added support.

Why detox liver and kidney

The environments that our horses and dogs are in are obviously not what they were 100 years ago, and the quality of nutrition is of lesser value than it was even 20 years ago. Today we spray the plants that are supportive to the bodies filtering organs, like dandelions, out of the pasture with an herbicide that puts stress on the bodies filtering organs. Then we give our horse and dog the same food for 10+ years, and wonder why he might have certain excesses built up in the body.

The fact is, one of the most nutritionally starved systems of the horse’s and dog’s body today, is their detoxification system. Nobody’s animals are immune to this. We try and do our best by not spraying our pastures, and by buying different good quality foods. But they still are not totally getting the vegetation and nutrients to support their detoxifying organs as much as they truly need.

Benefits of Detoxing your Horse

By supporting the natural detoxification system in the body benefits can include, but not limited to, normal vitality, energy, range of motion in joints, muscle pliability, the body able to respond to allergens normally, and much more. When the bodies detoxification systems are working as they should, the processes that they are responsible for naturally improve.

Quick example in the case of kidney function. The kidneys are responsible for balancing water retention. When a horse stocks up, excess fluid in the lower leg, it is a sign that the kidneys are not balancing water retention. By supporting normal kidney function the body is then able to balance fluids normally, resulting in no stocking up.

Quick example for the liver is allergies. One of the many jobs of the liver is to support the bodies natural response to allergens. When the liver is not responding properly, allergy symptoms appear. Supporting normal liver function will allow this process to be carried out properly.

Supplements that help with liver and kidney detoxification

That is why in the spring and fall we suggest using #27 Liver Support and #37 Kidney Support for 30-60 days on all dogs and horses. And it doesn’t matter if it is a 3-year-old colt or a 15 year old gelding, nor a older dachshund or new puppy. Because most horses and dogs don’t have thousands of acres to roam to get all the variety they need, including for their detoxification system, it is up to us to supply it to them. After all if we are not giving it to them, they aren’t getting it.

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