EPM Treatment for Horses 2022 (Naturally)

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EPM Treatment for Horses 2022 (Naturally) - Silver Lining Herbs

EPM is a disease caused by the apicomplexan parasite Sarcocystis neurona that affects the central nervous system of horses. The most common symptoms of EPM are ataxia, general weakness with muscle spasticity. In order to best support horses during EPM recovery we must look at supporting every aspect of the horse that is affected.

-Central Nervous System – neurological issues that arise from EPM including gait issues and muscle atrophy
-Immune System – immune system that is compromised from the system being under immense stress
-Digestive System – support normal healing of the digestive system where the protozoa accessed the CNS
-Encourage the protozoa to be evacuated from the horse

Best Natural Support to remedy EPM with Herbs

We have had an EPM recovery protocol for many years with our 11 Brain & Nerve Support, 13 Herbal Wormer, 24 Immune Support, and 29 LCR. As of April 1, 2022 we have combined these products into one hybrid product called, EP Minus.

This combination encourages a parasite free system, while also supporting the central nervous system, the immune system, and a healthy digestive system.

The herbs in EP Minus are recommended for the maintenance of a parasite free system, EP Minus may be beneficial in supporting the normal travel patterns and gait, and provide support to immune and digestive systems. Recommended to support the central nervous, digestive, and immune systems of a horse.

Treatment Duration

Every horse is an individual and should be treated as one. We believe in giving horses what they need when they need it. The new EP Minus product is a 60 day supply that is suggested to be given daily for 60 days, then reassess the horses well-being with a qualified professional. If the horse is still needing support during the EPM recovery process, another 60 days being supported with EP Minus is suggested.

Once the horse is evaluated and considered to be back to normal the 10 Maintenance and Hemp Seed Coconut Oil is great for more long-term maintenance. There are times where these horses can be immune compromised long-term. In these cases the 24 Immune Support would be an appropriate product to use.


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