Get Your Horse Ready (and Healthy) for Wildfire Season

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Get Your Horse Ready (and Healthy) for Wildfire Season - Silver Lining Herbs

Wildfire season is right around the corner. In some spots around the country, it’s already getting started.

Wildfires can be a natural part of many ecosystems — but they can also be a major source of smoke and air pollution. Going into summer, smoke, dust, and other air particulates can hang around for weeks or months at a time.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, poor air quality can have a negative impact on your overall well-being.  Poor air quality can also have a negative impact on the well-being of horses.

Horses often spend a lot of time outdoors, and when air quality goes south, air quality can slow your horse down and may lead to respiratory issues.

What can you do to be there for your horses? We’re here to help. With a few tips, along with targeted equine supplements, you can give your horses an advantage this wildfire season. 


Horse Respiratory Supplements for Respiratory Support

You can get ready for wildfire season (as well as dust and allergy concerns) right now with a variety of specialized horse supplements. This includes our Respiratory Support product blend. 

This supplement is a blend of active ingredients like mullein and echinacea which may help your horse maintain normal respiratory function throughout the season. Respiratory Support may also help in recovery after activity.

Along with Respiratory Support, we also have Immune Support and Cardiovascular Support — two more supplement options that can help during times of poor air quality. When you can give your horses a boost ahead of the wildfire season, you give their overall well-being the advantage as air conditions change.


Keep Your Horses Hydrated with Clean, Fresh Water 

Water is crucial during summer and even more important when air quality takes a dip. Giving your horse access to clean, fresh water helps them stay hydrated.

And when they stay hydrated, their respiratory system has yet another advantage. Hydration can help optimize normal body function — including helping keep the respiratory system damp (which can help capture air particulates before they enter your horse’s system). 

Another way you can help your horse to mitigate poor air quality (on a limited scale) is to water down your horse’s feed and any exposed dirt flooring or ground in your horse’s immediate living area. Adjusting floor conditions won’t do much for smoke and other air particulates, but making adjustments can help you better manage dust and allow for easier breathing. 


Limit Your Horse’s Activity on Hazy Days 

As air quality slides and smoke settles in, try to limit your horse’s activity. Activity and exercise can quickly increase respiratory function.

As breathing intensifies and your horse’s heart rate speeds up, intense activity may cause respiratory problems, both short- and long-term. Again, you can support your horse’s respiratory function with select herbs for horses, like our Respiratory Support.

One last way you can support your horse is by keeping  a close eye on the air quality index and using your best judgment while outdoors — for yourself and your horses. 

Find high-quality respiratory support with our respiratory support supplements on our website today!

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