How Can You Help Your Horses When Air Quality Plummets?

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How Can You Help Your Horses When Air Quality Plummets? - Silver Lining Herbs

Between dry, dusty air and wildfires dotting the US and Canada, air quality can drop significantly during the hottest summer months. Air quality can start to affect people and animals with sensitivities.

If you have horses, it’s time to start paying closer attention to their overall health and behavior when air quality drops.

When the Air Quality Index starts tipping into “Orange” territory or worse, it’s time to take preventive measures. When the Air Quality Index enters the “Red” or “Purple” zones, you want to take extra steps to monitor and address the health and wellness of your horses (and yourself).

If you have respiratory concerns for your horses, the right horse supplements and solid action plan can help reduce the impact poor air quality can have on your animals. Here’s everything you need to know to help your horses in poor air quality.


Boost Respiratory and Cardiovascular Support 

As air quality drops, you can give your horses a greater advantage with key supplements. Respiratory, cardiovascular, and immune system supplements can help deliver that much needed support.

Some respiratory supplements can help support normal breathing function from the snout into the lungs. Supplement support may also help horses recover from exposure to environmental pollutants. 

You don’t have to stop with respiratory or cardiovascular support, either. When the air starts to become rough, it’s time to support other key health areas, everything from digestive health to skin and coat.

Horse probiotics are another option you can use if you want to boost your horse’s overall wellness. Probiotics have a positive impact on many different systems, inside and out.


Reduce Training and Workload

When air quality alerts warn of unhealthy conditions, you’ll want to reduce time spent training outdoors or any work your horses may be doing. If you have horses with existing respiratory or cardiovascular issues, you may want to stop work altogether.

Poor air quality can exacerbate existing health concerns and may lead to acute complications. If it’s possible to board your animals or bring them in from the outdoors, you’ll be helping your horse in a tremendous way. 

For healthier, more vigorous horses, training and work can continue, but at a slower pace and for less time overall. Keep an eye on the Air Quality Index and use your best judgment.

If air quality continues to decline, further reduce training and work. If air quality becomes hazardous (usually when the air becomes extremely smoky), if possible, stop all outdoor activity and bring horses indoors.


Postpone Events When Necessary

Late summer is the season for shows, competitions, rodeos, fairs, and more. Large and festive summer horse events can occasionally coincide with poor air quality.

For the sake of horses and humans alike, if air quality does plummet into unhealthy or hazardous zones, do your best to postpone or forgo events altogether.

Poor air quality can create logistical challenges, especially on short notice. But, for the health of your animals, those challenges pale in comparison to an emergency health situation that could arise from neglecting your animals’ health during a bout of poor air quality.

Whether you’re planning for or attending an event, keep a close eye on the Air Quality Index. Often, determining whether to cancel or attend an event can simply be a judgment call on your part based on what the AQI says and the present conditions at the event location.


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