How Silver Lining Herbs Can Help Support Your Horse This Season

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How Silver Lining Herbs Can Help Support Your Horse This Season - Silver Lining Herbs

How can you best support your horses this fall? As the leaves change and the temperatures drop, now is a great time to answer this question.

You know your horses’ needs can change over the course of a year. As seasons shift and the environment changes, you’ll want to make sure to update your horse’s diet as well.

We’re here to help you navigate these changes. We’re known for our versatile selection of natural horse supplements.

Based in rural Buhl, Idaho, we thrive right in the heart of horse country. We know horses better than anyone else, and we’re here to help you tackle the unique challenges that every season throws our way.

Here are a few ways we can help support your horses this fall.


A Season of Respiratory Support 

Respiratory care can become more important during the fall. That’s partially because air quality becomes more inconsistent.

You may be in an area still impacted by wildfires, or you may be situated in a valley dealing with inversions. No matter the case, you can help your horses “breathe easy” with our respiratory care supplements. 

From Respiratory Support to Immune Support, you have a variety of options at your disposal when it comes to caring for your horse’s snout, lungs, and overall respiratory system. Our Respiratory Support is made with active herbs for horses — like mullein, echinacea, and yarrow.

These plant-based ingredients work together to help support the lungs and body with respiratory recovery. You can use them after intense physical activity and/or when air quality is less than ideal.


Turning Your Attention to Digestive Support

Going into fall, it’s not uncommon for horses’ diets to shift. It’s also possible for horses to become stressed as seasons and their environments change.

Your horse’s digestive system is another area of focus that can use some tender loving care and attention during the fall. For example, during the fall, horses may gradually be placed on a diet consisting more so of hay or feed, rather than fresh pasture grasses. 

We can help your horse adapt with digestive support options. Horse Probiotics, for example, can help support gut wellness and nutrient absorption.

From Gut Support to our probiotic-based supplements, you can give your horses exactly what they need to support and maintain a healthy digestive tract.


Looking Ahead to Winter and Beyond

It’s important to note that support isn’t just about the here and now. It’s also about always looking ahead to the next season.

You may be welcoming the fall now — and while respiratory and digestive care is top of mind right now — it’s not too early to look ahead to winter and beyond.

As winter approaches, have you thought about how you’ll help support your horses in other ways?

Winter can be the perfect time to emphasize kidney, hoof, foot, and bone care. Our range of supplements can help support your horses as temperatures fall and baseline activity drops. 

As you support your horses today, you’re also setting them up for optimized wellness in the future. In the winter, when you focus on hoof and bone care, you’re also preparing your horses for the spring — and the increased activity that comes with the season.

When you take care of your horse season by season, it pays out huge all year round.

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