How to Keep Your Horses Happy and Healthy When Temperatures Plummet

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How to Keep Your Horses Happy and Healthy When Temperatures Plummet - Silver Lining Herbs

3 Ways to Support Your Horse’s Wellness When Freezing Temperatures Hit 

The cold weather is approaching and when it arrives, you take measures to keep your home and family warm. Additionally, you do your best to ensure your pets are as comfortable as possible. While it may not always be easy, many animals, including horses, are resilient creatures.

During winter, it is important to take measures to ensure the well-being of your horses. Although horses can tolerate cold weather to some extent, extremely low temperatures can be dangerous. To keep your horses happy and healthy in winter, here are a few suggestions that can help prepare your horses for the coldest days of the season!

Keep Horse Blankets Handy!

Horse sheets and blankets can help keep horses insulated when temperatures plummet. If your horses have thick winter coats, they might not need a sheet until it’s freezing (32° F and below), since their heavier coat can keep them insulated. If they lack a heavier coat, they may need a sheet or blanket well before it hits 32° F—potentially around 40° F. 

Proper shelter is crucial! Horses without reliable shelter may need horse sheets for protection against the cold. A barn, stable, shed, lean-to, or any other covered space would be useful.

For horses, body weight is an important factor when deciding whether to use a sheet during cold weather. If a horse has a healthy weight and good winter fat, they may not need a sheet until it gets below freezing. Keep an eye on your horses and monitor their body temperature. If you notice a drop, it may be time to use a blanket to warm them up.


When it comes to maintaining a healthy body weight for your horses, you can consider adding a weight management supplement to their diet to help them put on some extra pounds for the winter. This may be beneficial if you're concerned that your horse may need to gain more weight before the arrival of cold weather!

Support Their Immune System (and More) 

It's possible to help your horse maintain good health and wellness all year round! Natural supplements and herbs can be used to support their immune system, which is particularly important during the winter months when the environment changes frequently. By supporting their immune system, you can help your horse adapt to these changes more effectively.

In addition, consider giving your horses targeted supplements to support their kidneys and other systems. During winter, horses drink less water and filter out less waste, which can strain their kidneys. If parasites are a concern, adding natural horse dewormers is also a great choice! 

Break the Ice!

During cold weather, horses tend to drink less water due to reduced activity. Additionally, frozen water sources can further contribute to dehydration which can lead to numerous health issues, including digestive problems. It is important to take measures to maintain access to water for horses, such as breaking any ice that may form.

So, whether you use water trough heaters or a good, old-fashioned ice pick, make sure the water keeps flowing! 


Great news! Spring is just around the corner. But until then, we are here to assist you and your horses during the cold and snowy season. Don't hesitate to contact any of our Customer Care Specialists for a personalized plan to ensure your horses remain strong and healthy this winter.

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