Is Your Horse Showing Signs of Allergies? We Can Help!

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Is Your Horse Showing Signs of Allergies? We Can Help! - Silver Lining Herbs

Allergies can strike at any time. They can happen to people, and they can happen to horses.

It's important to keep an eye out for key prime times when allergies flourish — such as when the seasons and weather change. But allergies can also flare up “just because.”

They can impact breathing and slow your horses down. When you’re riding or competing, that’s the last thing you want.

We’re here to help your horses breathe a little easier. While we can’t prevent allergies altogether, we can be your top source for all kinds of horse supplements that can give your animals a supportive boost before allergies strike and rear their ugly heads.

From respiratory concerns to skin reactions, here’s how we can help when your horse shows signs of allergies.


Allergies and Internal Immune Support

Allergies can stem from the immune system’s response to outside irritants. Allergies happen in horses just as they do in humans.

From pollen to bug bites, allergies can be triggered by a long list of sources. You can help support your horse’s immune system in this ongoing battle against outside irritants.

Our Immune Support is a supplement formulated with natural key ingredients to help a number of your horse’s internal systems — including those systems that are a part of the immune system. Our Immune Support product can help a horse’s immune system manage environmental stressors — including stressors brought on by allergies.

Support Against Allergy-Causing Insects

Many allergic reactions happen within the body. Allergic reactions can be triggered by breathing in fine dust particles or dry hay.

However, many allergic reactions can stem from contact with the skin. Horses can be allergic to bug bites or contact with certain plants.

When it comes to problematic insects, certain herbs for horses have been shown to benefit a horse’s overall wellness while keeping bugs at a distance.

You can take advantage of these herbs by using our Bug Repel. It’s a safe and effective way to reduce bites and curb insects from coming in contact with your horses.

More Steps You Can Take 

From supporting your horse’s immune system to using our Bug Repel, you can give your horses an advantage over allergies with all kinds of high-quality, natural equine supplements.

You can also support your animals by managing common sources of allergens in their surroundings. Supporting your horse with allergies means keeping barns, stables, and trailers extra clean — and removing fine dust, pollen, and plant debris when possible.

You can also add insect traps around your horse’s living spaces, along with making sure to clean sources that attract bugs, sources like manure and standing water.

You can also rotate out your horse’s bedding for clean wood shavings or paper-based products. A large part of managing allergies comes down to keeping your horse’s environment clean, fresh, and inviting for the horse — not the allergens.

Support your horse’s immune system with supplements from

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