Natural Remedies for Bot Flies

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Natural Remedies for Bot Flies - Silver Lining Herbs

Fall is quickly approaching us! Which means so are the Bot Flies. Without proper prevention and care they can be dangerous to the health of our horses.


What is a Bot Fly?

A bot fly looks similar to a honey bee. Larger than the typical fly, brown and hairy. These flies only have a one-year life cycle and are most active during the fall and winter months. They land on your horse, typically on their chest, stomach and legs and lay their eggs, which is where the process begins. Your horse will lick and scratch at the affected area, causing them to ingest the eggs, where then the eggs eventually hatch in the digestive system of your horse.


Bot Fly Prevention

#43 Bug Repel is a concentrated blend of essential oils that smell great and are effective at repelling insects, bug and unwanted flies. We mix this 2 ounce concentrate with 20 ounces of water, and spray on your horse regularly throughout the day.



Natural Solutions

If your horse does digest these bot fly eggs, we need to create a digestive system that is healthy for your horse and unhealthy for these bot flies. If they come into a healthy environment, they will not be able to survive- as they thrive on bad bacteria in the gut. #13 Herbal Wormer may support the natural purging of parasites and other unwanted pests from the digestive system. Give one scoop for 10 consecutive days and as needed. This is a great preventive measure as well.

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