Our Must-Have Products And Summer Essentials (For Horses)

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Our Must-Have Products And Summer Essentials (For Horses) - Silver Lining Herbs

Caring for your horses is a year-round adventure. From season to season, you’re out there doing the best for your animals — whether you have one horse or a dozen.

As seasons change, the strategies you use to care for your horses can change as well. You adapt and help them adapt.

On top of it all, you want to know that every product you use is safe, effective, and made to the highest standards. We’re all about offering top-quality herbal supplements to support your horse.

Based in Buhl, Idaho, we know horses. We also know what it takes to bring together high-quality herbs for horses to create products you can count on.

Now that the summer is heating up, here are a few of our favorite products that you can add to your collection.


Products for Intestinal Maintenance 

Worms and parasites can thrive in hot conditions. Worms love mud, manure, and unkept pastures.

It doesn’t take much for a horse to pick up a parasite by simply grazing or roaming around their own paddock. No matter where your horse picks up parasites during the summer, you can take action with our Horse Wormer, along with other products made for intestinal maintenance. 

Our horse dewormers help support your horse’s many internal systems — their gut included. Targeted support often helps encourage a healthier digestive system.

When this system is maintained, parasites find it real challenging to take hold of and make your horse’s body their home. Instead, parasites pass on through, leaving your horse’s well-being well-maintained.


Ways to Manage (or Gain) Weight

Summer can be a season of activity. From training to rodeos to shows, you want to optimize your horse’s health. Doing so includes maintaining or gaining weight.

To help with weight management, we’ve formulated multiple products to support various weight-related goals. Our weight gain supplements for horses include Gut Support, Immune Support, Thyroid Support, and more.

You can lean on the supplements you feel are best for maintaining or reaching the target weight you’ve set for your horse. You can also use these supplements in conjunction with a weight-maintenance diet.

Just like our other targeted products, every one of our weight management products is made with safe, effective, high-quality, and natural ingredients.


Put a Renewed Focus on Recovery

Since your horse might be experiencing more activity this season, recovery is another area of a horse’s routine on which to focus your attention. Competitions, shows, and rodeos can demand a great deal from any horse.

Even training can be demanding. You can get more out of your horse when you support their recovery from top to bottom.

You can help your horse recover by including our Respiratory Support, Cardiovascular Support, and Joint Support, to name a few. Supporting recovery can give your horse — and its many complex systems — exactly what they need to perform their best.

Because when your horses feel great, inside and out, they’re ready for anything.

Give your horse the best support this summer with supplements from www.silverliningherbs.com.

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