Probiotic Advantage: How Our Probiotics Can Benefit Your Horse

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Probiotic Advantage: How Our Probiotics Can Benefit Your Horse - Silver Lining Herbs

Probiotics are essential for digestion and overall well-being. These microorganisms live in and on our bodies, including in the gut.

In the gut, probiotics can help break down food and nutrients so our bodies can better absorb their nutritional benefits. Not only can probiotics be important for our own digestive health, but they can also be essential for optimized digestive health for your horses.

This is why we’re known for our diverse range of effective horse supplements, especially our Probiotic for Horses. Every scoopful of this nourishing product is loaded with beneficial probiotics.

Here are a few ways Probiotic for Horses can benefit your horse.


Boost Your Horse’s Digestive Health 

There are many ways you can support your horse’s digestive health. We’ve created a range of products squarely aimed at boosting digestive and gut health. Our Gut Support product features key herbs for horses that can help optimize a horse’s digestive tract from beginning to end.

Gut Support works by reducing potential gut discomfort and supporting more normalized gut function instead.

Our Digestive Support can be beneficial for horses susceptible to colic and can also serve as a “gut maintenance” supplement. Of course, you can also try Probiotic for Horses, which boosts probiotics within a horse’s system.

Probiotics can help optimize the nutrition your horse gains from their diet. These healthy bio-microorganisms can create a more stable environment within the gut, which can lead to other benefits as well.


Help Your Horse Get More Out of Their Diet

Horse owners know how important proper digestion can be. After all, you want your horses to reap the benefits of their feed and any supplements you may be adding to their diet.

When you introduce more horse probiotics to your horse’s digestive system, the probiotics have great potential to work more efficiently and effectively. 

Horses can benefit more from healthy probiotics, and these probiotics can have a ripple effect on an animal’s overall health. Our Probiotic for Horses features a number of safe and natural pre-selected microorganisms that help ease digestion.


Benefits That Go Beyond the Gut 

Our Probiotic for Horses may start in the gut, but the benefits are far-reaching. Our horse probiotics are also a source of key enzymes that can help break proteins down into amino acids and peptides. 

Horses use these amino acids and peptides to help in areas such as muscle maintenance and development, along with skin and coat health. If you’re looking for more ways to help your animal build muscle, or if you want to improve their skin and coat health, our Probiotic for Horses is another option that can help support you in achieving these goals.

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