Ready to Flex: What is Muscle Testing (& Acupressure) for Horses?

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Ready to Flex: What is Muscle Testing (& Acupressure) for Horses? - Silver Lining Herbs



What is Muscle Testing and Acupressure?

Sickness is awful, but it's even worse when your trusted horse is unwell. It results in reduced productivity and downtime between races, work, and time spent on the trail.

 We understand how frustrating it can be if you have already taken your horse to the vet, conducted thorough research, and yet are still unable to find a solution to help resolve their discomfort and unusual behavior. However, we have some exciting news for you! 

Muscle Testing is a non-invasive, cost-free method for assessing the acupressure points associated with your horse’s body. Here, you'll discover the benefits and techniques to provide better care for your equine friend. Join us now!


Woman smiling and cupping the muzzle of a horse (who looks very happy!)



 Muscle Testing and Acupressure are techniques used to evaluate the flow of energy in a horse's body. Specifically, you can test individual muscles by applying pressure to them, which allows you to determine the strength of each muscle.

 Acupressure, from the Latin word "acus" meaning "needle," involves applying pressure to muscles to detect tension and energy imbalances.

 In a horse, tight muscles are referred to as "hot" and can indicate an imbalance in the body caused by various factors such as improper nutrition, consuming an excess of one food group, or undue stress. These issues may harm the horse and may cause muscles to experience various degrees of discomfort.

 By performing muscle testing and checking acupressure points, you can identify specific body systems in your horse that require additional care and attention. Once these imbalances have been detected, you can take further steps to resolve any health issues through dietary changes, lifestyle adaptations, and other measures.

Benefits of Acupressure and Muscle Testing for Horses!

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“Okay, so I know my horse is feeling uncomfortable, but what else can acupressure and muscle testing show me?” is a question we're often asked.

Whether you’re assessing your horse's digestive system, kidneys, liver, or more, muscle testing and acupressure points may help you determine whether you need to change your current feeding program.

For example, horses need dandelion in their diet, even more so during the fall and summer months. If they’re not eating enough dandelion, they could have nutrition deficiencies which can cause health issues later down the road.

And these deficiencies could potentially be the source behind your horse's unusual behavior!

If you live in an area without much dandelion — or the nutrition needed for your horse — you can always use one of her herbal products to help fill in the nutritional gaps your horse needs to stay healthy!

So, while Muscle Testing is related to nutritional deficiencies, at the same time, it may also help you determine what the next course of action should be for helping your horse thrive.

Whether due to air pollution, exposure to chemicals, or feeling stressed from work or racing, Muscle Testing may help you determine if an added nutritional product is needed to help improve your horse’s health.

Oftentimes, troubleshooting areas of concern in our horse's health can be challenging! Muscle Testing and Acupressure are great tools to have in your arsenal that may help you gain actionable insight into the next steps needed to regain good health!


Common Acupressure points and their corresponding health issues!

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We understand that top-notch healthcare providers not only offer excellent health resources but also educate you on how to use and navigate those resources yourself. At Silver Lining Herbs, we believe in empowering consumers with knowledge. That's why we want to teach you the most common acupressure points to check when conducting muscle tests on your horse!

Here are the most common issues horses may face, along with the associated acupressure points and muscle groups for each issue:


  • Dental issues: along the muzzle, jawline, mouth, and teeth. Consider trying bone, tissue, and cartilage support products for horses, 
  • Endocrine system issues To locate the acupressure point for your horse's reproductive system, press two inches forward from where the flank meets and one inch down behind the last rib. If sensitive, consider hormone-support products for your horse.
  • Heart issuesBelow the mane, 2-3 inches down, are acupressure points for the cardiovascular system. Sensitivity in this area means your horse may be front-end heavy. Cardiovascular support products may be a great help.
  • Immune system issuesTowards the back, sides, and front of the horse's ribs are areas where you can apply pressure to identify any issues with its immune system. Consider using products that support the horse's immune system to improve its health.
  • Intestinal issues: The acupressure point for the hindgut can be found in front of the point on the hips, and front of the croup. Digestive support products may be a great fit! 
  • Kidney issues: The pressure point for the kidneys is located just past the flank and right over the loins; also, the small grizzle between the front forelegs. Kidney support products would be the product of choice!
  • Liver issues: Found along the middle of a horse’s back are the acupressure points for the liver.  A great liver support product is a must!
  • Lung issues: Found at the right side, top of the shoulder, and near the foreleg of your horse. You got it, think respiratory support products!
  • Stifle, hock, and fetlock issues: Can be found down the groove of each of the hindlegs. Good quality bone, tendon, and ligament products are fantastic!
  • Ulcers and other issues: The acupressure point for checking ulcers in horses is located 4 inches behind the sternum and the navel. Pressing this point with a finger can indicate discomfort if the horse shows signs such as arching, lifting legs, or kicking. A great all-natural gut support product should be on your shopping list!


 Meet Doja!

A headshot of Doja, the horse

 Doja, is a 10-year-old horse who competes in barrel racing and pole bending competitions. Doja’s been bunny-hopping and prancing in pain recently, so her owners contacted us to help find a solution.

We conducted muscle testing and checked acupressure points to determine the next steps for Doja to help improve her overall health and performance.

Dojs's caring owners have since made lifestyle, diet, and behavioral changes, such as changing the equipment used, introducing natural herbal products to her diet, and even trying different lifestyle adaptations to help relieve her discomfort!

For Doja, we recommended our Liver Support and Kidney Support products to help cleanse and nourish the liver and kidneys. Without muscle testing and acupressure points, determining which nutritional support and lifestyle changes she needed might have been a greater challenge requiring additional time and expense.

But her story has a happy ending! We're excited to report that Doja is now on the mend and feeling more spry than ever! Muscle testing and acupressure are one of the many tools that you can use to help provide health support for your equine friend!


Put some muscle into your horse’s health!

A man and woman riding a horse in a field with a dog trailing behind

Taking care of a horse isn’t easy. Horse trainers, racers, and owners: we applaud you for your hard work, devotion, and attention to your equine companions!

However, there is a silver lining here! Muscle testing your horse and checking your horse’s corresponding acupressure points may help pinpoint areas in need of assistance and help you take the next steps to provide better care for your trusty steed.

And when you’re ready, we’ll be here! We'll work with you to create a custom game plan for the needs of each horse!

Whether you’re looking for natural horse products, accessories, or educational materials, we’ve got you covered every step of the way! This season, give your horse the gift of better health. Contact us today to start the journey!

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