Should You Add Probiotic Supplements to Your Horse’s Diet?

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Should You Add Probiotic Supplements to Your Horse’s Diet? - Silver Lining Herbs

Probiotics are a part of everyday life. They’re microorganisms that live on and in us — and in our animals (including in horses).

These helpful microorganisms can be a part of different microbiomes on the skin, in the gut, and in many other internal systems. In the gut, probiotics can play a role in digestion and can help humans and animals make the most out of their diet.

A flourishing probiotic microbiome can contribute to a digestive system that is well-supported and maintained. 

While you may take probiotic supplements or enjoy probiotic-rich foods (like yogurt), can adding horse probiotics to your horse’s regimen make a difference? Should you add this kind of supplement to their diet?

Here’s a closer look at probiotics for horses and why they might just be the perfect addition to their nutritional regimen. 


A Closer Look at Horse Probiotics

Probiotic-based horse supplements can include probiotics like Aspergillus oryzae, Bacillus subtilis, and Lactobacillus acidophilus, to name a few. You may recognize some or all of these. Lactobacillus acidophilus (or L. acidophilus), for instance, is a probiotic found in human supplements — and in food like yogurt, kefir, and sauerkraut. 

In horse supplements, these probiotics may be dried. As they are ingested and digested, probiotics can be rehydrated and introduced to the digestive tract.

In the digestive tract, probiotics can help supplement the existing microbiome. From there, the benefits vary depending on other conditions and circumstances. 


Probiotic Options for Digestive Support

The care and support of a horse’s digestive system is essential for their wellness. A well-cared for digestive system can positively impact a horse’s health and temperament.

There are all kinds of natural horse supplements on the market formulated to support digestive health. Probiotics are an excellent option. 

When your horse’s gut microbiome is supported with a probiotic supplement, they can experience better digestion overall. When consuming probiotics, your horse may also get more out of their overall diet and nutrition.

Finally, consuming probiotics may also mean horses can reap additional benefits from other supplements included in their current health regimen.


Healthy Digestion and Beyond 

Digestive support can have a huge impact on a horse’s health and wellness. Ultimately, horse health starts in the gut and radiates “outward” from there.

Probiotic supplements can also include enzymes and peptides that may help with muscle support and development. Plus, these awesome microorganisms can even help support the health of your horse’s coat. 

Of course, when a horse’s gut is supported, and when your horse is receiving proper nutrition, probiotics can positively affect just about every part of your horse’s internal systems. Probiotics can truly have a ripple effect on an animal’s total wellness.

Again, health and wellness starts from the inside and radiates outward from there. Horse probiotics can be a great addition to a horse’s dietary regimen — and can also enhance an existing supplement regimen.


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