The When's And Why's of SLH Herbal Wormer

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The When's And Why's of SLH Herbal Wormer - Silver Lining Herbs

The When’s And Why’s of SLH Herbal Wormer

Are you curious about how our Herbal Wormer works and when to use it? We have answers to some of your most-asked questions! Let’s start at the top!

How does the Herbal Wormer work? Great question! Our Herbal Wormer works to create a clean, healthy environment in the digestive tract, making it a very hostile environment to a parasite! Since a clean gut means no food source for a parasite, they will be forced to exit the body independently. Even any eggs ingested by our horses and dogs won’t have a place to call home so they will be in one end and out the other! Mission accomplished!

Why do we use the Herbal Wormer instead of a traditional dewormer? Well, for several reasons. First, most dewormers on the market are species-specific, so periodic rotation of the active chemical ingredient is necessary to rid the body of a broad spectrum of parasites. Second, some parasite species may become resistant to the drug used to try to kill them. Lastly, chemical dewormers are just that - chemicals! 

How often do we recommend using the Herbal Wormer? Another great question! Since parasites tend to lay their eggs according to the lunar cycles, we recommend feeding the Herbal Wormer for 10 straight days leading up to a full moon. For cooler climates, consider using the Herbal Wormer at least twice per year (think spring and fall!), while warmer climates can feed at least four times per year (every season works best for most). However, you can also give the Herbal Wormer any time you feel your animals would benefit!

As always, we're on the journey with you, so please feel free to reach out to one of our knowledgeable Customer Care Representatives with any questions!

Let's work together to kick parasites to the curb!

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