Ways to Support Your Horse’s Health and Wellness During Fall and Winter

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Ways to Support Your Horse’s Health and Wellness During Fall and Winter - Silver Lining Herbs

Over the course of the year, your horses have to adapt to many changes. Some changes may be small, while others may be significant.

Since new seasons mean new weather and new conditions, you can support your animals with targeted horse supplements. During the fall, for example, supplements targeting respiratory support can be essential.

Fall-specific respiratory support might take on a different focus than it might at other times of the year. Changes in air quality and temperature can impact the health and wellness of any outdoor animals, horses very much included.

Here’s a closer look at ways you can support your horse’s health and wellness this fall and winter.


Respiratory Support 

Air quality can be unpredictable during the fall. In some parts of the country, wildfires can still rage on well into the season.

Some climates may see less rain, leading to dry conditions and dusty air. Alternatively, you may even experience a mix of both rain, and dry and dusty conditions.

There are also regions that can experience inversions, where polluted air can sink into valleys. The air then becomes trapped for weeks on end.

These conditions can be detrimental to the overall health and wellness of your horses (and you as well). Thankfully, there are ways you can support your horse’s respiratory system.

One strategy is with targeted supplements. Look for supplements with natural active ingredients like mullein, echinacea, and yarrow.


Gut Support 

Gut and digestive support can be essential all year, but they can be even more important during the fall and winter. Many factors can influence the state of your horse’s digestive health, including changes in their diet and stress levels.

Supplements that focus on gut and digestive wellness may help support these systems as your body adjusts to the changes of each new season. Another option — which you can use in conjunction with gut and digestive supplements — is horse probiotics.

Horse probiotics have a great deal in common with the kinds of probiotics you might choose to take. You’ve heard of them before, but what exactly are probiotics?

Probiotics are microorganisms that help support regular digestive function. As a result, these healthy gut bacteria can have a positive ripple effect on other systems in the body, including the muscles, skin, and coat.


Kidney Support

As winter approaches, you might turn your focus to kidney support. The amount of time, energy, and resources you invest in kidney wellness can certainly shift with the seasons.

Kidney wellness can also be influenced by changes in diet, environment, activity, and more. How can kidney-supporting supplements make a difference?

They can help support normal kidney function as they expel waste from the horse’s system. Since the kidneys are so important for the well-being of your horse, kidney-supporting supplements can also have a positive effect on your horse’s overall wellness.

Normal kidney function can result in overall moderated behavior, improved performance, and improved general well-being in your horse.


Hoof, Joint, and Bone Support 

You guessed it: hoof and bone health can also be impacted by seasonal changes. However, you can be ready to care for your horse with targeted hoof, joint, and bone care supplements.

These kinds of supplements can help support strength in the feet and hooves of your horses. Focusing on hoof care during the winter, for instance, can allow for a smooth transition into spring.

Plus, when you focus on hoof care, it can once again have a ripple effect on other systems. When your horse’s hooves are better cared for, it can mean healthier legs, from the bones to the tendons to ligaments to the muscles.


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