What To Do About My Moody Mare? (Best Solution 2023)

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What To Do About My Moody Mare? (Best Solution 2023) - Silver Lining Herbs

“Hell hath no fury like a chestnut mare.” We can all relate and think of one or two “moody chestnut mares” of our past (or maybe you own one now!). Some people give mares a bad name, and wonder, “Who would want to deal with a mare? They will kick the side out of your trailer and you can’t count on them while they are in heat!”

Mares do, have these behaviors, not because they want to, but because they are uncomfortable. Horses in general are pleasing, not mean and vicious. If they are being mean, it is usually because something is worrying them. Take kicking in the trailer for instance. Have you ever asked why is my mare kicking the side of the trailer while we are traveling down the road? May it be that her ovaries are inflamed and the vibration of the trailer is causing her discomfort? If this was the case, it would make sense to support her ovaries, rather than brake-check her to get her to stand up in the trailer better. Or while she is in heat and not performing the best, could it be because her body is so drained from her hormones being out of balance? If this was the case, it would make sense to support her progesterone/estrogen levels.

The body wants to balance itself naturally! In order to do so it must have the proper nutrition. In these instances, the #31 Mare Moods would be a good place to start. It supports the normal progesterone/testosterone levels while offering support to the uterus and ovaries, calming herbs, and anti-bacterial herbs in case of infection being present.

Today’s horses are asking for more help than ever as we continue to limit the variety of wholesome nutrition that they need. It is so important to not get frustrated with these calls for help from mares. Rather, we should ask why is this happening and go to the root of the problem. With nutrition, if you aren’t giving it to them, they are getting it.


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