Horses Best Supplementary Diet for Winters 2023

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Horses Best Supplementary Diet for Winters 2023

Horses are being nutritionally starved! We would like to say no, but it is probably truer than we think, unless we are supplementing them. If you are looking for the best grain for horses in winters then add our recommended supplements to your equine’s diet to get natural outstanding results in the coming cold season.

Think about this, especially this time of the year, horses are only getting what we throw over the fence to them. Some are lucky enough to get a little variety of grasses in their hay (crested wheat, brome, orchard, alfalfa). The luckier ones might get some oats as well. But is that really enough? It is, if you just want them to survive, but we all love our horses and want the best for them, so why don’t we give them nutrition to THRIVE!





This is the way that I look at it, if me and a buddy go to a buffet together 3 times a day for 7 days straight, I guarantee that our plates will never look exactly the same. One morning I may want oatmeal, the next eggs. For lunch, I might want a salad with lettuce and spinach, while the next I get crazy and get quinoa and chicken. You see, this happens because our body is yearning for variety to fulfill our nutritionally starved bodies.





The same goes for our horses. If they only get 1-5 different foods, their bodies are definitely nutritionally starved. And as much blood, sweat, and tears we put into our horses, we need to try and fulfill as many of their needs as we can.

Right now my horses will start to be getting legged up for the winter jackpots, so I am giving them Silver Lining Herbs #10 Maintenance. I think of this combination as the glue to their well-being. It has 14 different herbs in it (14!) That just tripled the amount of variety they are getting in their diets! And all 14 of these herbs are packed with awesome vitamins, minerals, enzymes….the list goes on. It has Slippery elm for the digestive system (that’s important in the winter), uva ursi for the kidneys (that’s good when giving more alfalfa), oregon grape for the blood (when isn’t that important), flax, catnip, psyllium…they are all great!





I think now you can see why I think of the #10 Maintenance as the glue for my horses’ well-being, and I hope you look at it the same way, because if you aren’t giving it, they aren’t getting it.

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