Can Kidney Issues in Horses Cause Behavior Issues?

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Can Kidney Issues in Horses Cause Behavior Issues? - Silver Lining Herbs

Training Issues with Horses Due to Kidney Health

Everything we ask a horse to do while riding them is putting stress over the kidney area. The bars of our saddle sits over the kidneys, so when we ask them to collect themselves and lift their back, it is putting stress on that area. When we ask a horse to turn, stretch out and run, or to stop, all these things can aggravate the kidneys.

Why you Need Kidney Support Supplements for your Equine

Imagine asking your horse to lift his back and drive their hind end underneath themselves, while they have a 30-50 pound saddle on them, and the weight of a rider which is an additional 100-200 pounds. Now imagine if that area is already a little sensitive, it is no wonder why they are stiff in their turns, hollow in their stops, or not striding out, it is because it hurts them.

So what do we do? We suggest supporting their kidneys with our #37 Kidney Support whenever something like this is happening, and, a good preventative is to use it in the spring and fall for 60 days.

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