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Zoom FAQ Recap & Holiday Gift Guide - Silver Lining Herbs

If you missed Fridays Zoom call, we have you covered! Mickey Young, founder and owner of Silver Lining Herbs went over several frequently asked questions to get you guys set up for your Black Friday purchases.

Mickey started off by discussing some key products every equine owner should have on hand when the inevitable emergencies come up…also known as, the start of our Holiday Gift Guide list to purchase for yourself and/or your loved ones that have horses.

  • 16 Power Dust – Minimize scarring and say goodbye to proud flesh with #16 Power Dust, and potentially even skip stitches for wounds that would otherwise need them. This poultice mix is nothing short of incredible and works on old as well as fresh wounds.
  • 17 Kolik Eaz – The herbs in the #17 Kolik Eaz may be beneficial to maintaining naturally comfortable and relaxed GI tracts. The #17 may reduce the possibility of digestive colic as well. We loved reading some of the testimonials about this product in the comments section of the Zoom call.
  • 25 INF-X – This product is designed to help aid your horse(s) if they are stressed by illness or injury. #25 may be beneficial in assisting the body in combating environmental pollutants, helping support a healthy immune system, protect the body’s cells & tissues, and supports the normal detoxification process.
  • 40 Equisalve – All-natural salve for use on galls, open wounds, scratches, and rashes. This product is also useful in thrush, hoof & foot care, and helps fight fungal infection. #40 may also support natural hair growth in the affected area.

When Mickey was asked to list off his favorite products in each of our lines (equine, canine, & human) he said something profound; “my favorite 3 are the ones I need”, which is very true! No two products and no two humans, horses, and dogs are the same. Depending specifically on what you, your horse, or your dog need will depend on what product is best suited for you.

Linked below are a couple of sources that go over health issues your horses and/or dogs may be experiencing and what products to consider for your Black Friday purchases.

Give us a call (866-543-6956) for a free consultation and chat with a Silver Lining Herbs expert to start enhancing your quality of life along with your four-legged family members. We want to give you the greatest gift of all this holiday season, the gift of health.

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