Mouth Sores

All Natural Herbs for Regulating Bacteria and Mouth Sores
Horses suffer from throat and mouth sores in much the same way that many humans will get a sore. These are most frequently caused by undesirable grass strains—such as foxtail, ripgut, and cheatgrass—that irritate and lacerate your horse’s mouth, allowing the entry of ulcer forming bacteria. Ulcers can lead your horse to drool, lose interest in food, and can cause your horse considerable pain and discomfort and an itch feeling as well. Silver Lining Herbs’ all-natural equine supplements are designed to regulate and balance the bacterial culture of your horse’s mouth, as well as sooth and alleviate mouth and throat pain caused by oral ulcers. NASC Quality Seal approved and used by both professional riders and veterinarians, our products are made by people who love horses, for people who love horses.

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