11 Brain & Nerve Support for Horses

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The central nervous system is where good health (and good behavior) begins. The herbs found in #11 Brain & Nerve Support for Horses may be beneficial in supporting the natural travel patterns and gait, and provide secondary support to the digestive and immune systems. #11 Brain & Nerve Support may be beneficial in:

  • Lack of focus, short attention span, slow learning
  • Supporting normal behavior patterns
  • Promotes normal healthy brain activity


Brain & Nerve Support for Horses.

Active Ingredients: proprietary blend of (Skullcap, Burdock, Cascara, Echinacea, Garlic, Ginkgo, Gotu Kola, Myrrh, Oregon Grape, Pau D Arco, Rose Hips, Yarrow, Kelp, Dandelion and Goldenseal) 7087 mg per tbsp. Scoop included.
Inactive Ingredients: NONE
Recommended use: level scoop per day for 1000-1200 lb horse. There are approximately 60 scoops per bag.
Available Sizes: E11-1 1 lb. resealable bag.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions7 × 1 × 9.75 in

12 reviews for 11 Brain & Nerve Support for Horses

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dawn Rudd (verified owner)

    Bought a horse from a kill pen. He was so traumatized! He couldn’t stop his brain, on overdrive all the time. I started him on the brain and nerve support and could tell a difference in 2 weeks. It takes less time for him to come down to normal. He is now coming to me and not running from me. I highly recommend these products. I have used several items and am a true believer in this company and their herbs.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sabrina Garrison (verified owner)

    Silver lining herbs have allowed me to heal my horse of Sarcoids as well as balancing out the dysfunction of her body chemistry to the point where she is no longer dealing with any Sarcoids or the dysfunction that it causes in her behavior. I have also been able to start her under saddle & progressing beautifully. This poor girl would have had no real life if it wasn’t for your products. Thank you so much Silver Lining!!

  3. Meryle Johnston

    Dear Mickey, We have only met once but you have made my whole year. Judy Gillum called you and had you send your products to me for my mare Tuck. There was an instant change (well maybe a week went by). We won the Sharon Camarillo Classic and Placed 3rd in the standings in the Sr. Pro 60’s Barrels. I started with 1/4 tbs. of the #10 & #18 each day, within 2 weeks she had bulked up quite a bit in body mass and had become allot stronger in ability in her workouts but still staying light in the bit. It feels great. As time went by I have had to increase the dosage to 1 tbs. daily to keep her at the same level as the beginning. She has seemed to level out and stay ok on the dosage. I bought a 2 yr old filly, unbroken about 4 months ago; she had been neglected and was scared of everything. I started her on your #11 the day she got here. Within 3 or 4 days she settled right down. She will now stand for clippers and I have her started well enough to start beginners classes of our local reining’s. (Good start for the barrels in a couple of years) I really believe it would have taken allot longer to achieve this improvement without you.

  4. Anonymous

    My 29 year old horse, Topper, has been a part of my life since we had his mother bred. Two years ago he started having problems with losing control of his hind quarters. Traditional medicine could only offer me certain solutions, which were disconcerting to me, especially considering his age. I did some research and was so blessed to find Silver Lining Herbs. After a couple weeks of giving Silver Lining’s herbal supplements, Topper improved drastically. Even my vet was amazed telling me “whatever I was doing; I needed to keep it up!!” Two years later, the herbs continue to make a difference. There is a direct correlation between the supplements and his improvement. If the recommended dosage is slightly decreased or a day is missed, his previous problems resurface. Silver Lining Herbs are a necessity in maintaining Topper’s health.

  5. Anonymous

    I’ve used #11 on my 28 year old Thoroughbred gelding to ease him through his retirement years. He can still be a bit hot headed but #11 kept him sensible though his work activity has decreased. I can turn him out without worrying about injury. Thank you Silver Lining.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dawn Meier

    Just started this blend for a three year old of mine that had west Nile.

  7. Anonymous

    I am writing to say Thank You for creating such wonderful products. After my 21 year old gelding was diagnosed with EPM, I was looking for a way to keep him comfortable and healthy. Unable to afford the pharmaceutical treatments, I began looking for other means. I had heard about your products through a barrel racing website and decided to give them a try. I purchased the suggested products (#11, 13, 24, 30). After only 7 days, my gelding went from leaning on the fence, not wanting to move, to being back out in the pasture wandering around and eating. While he still has his “bad” days, I am amazed at the progress he has shown in such a short time. He went from needing to be put down to being comfortable and happy again. Thank you again for your products.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cathy (verified owner)

    Been feeding this to my QH who is a roarer. After four months on it, he hardly has a rumble except when he gets really excited. Previously he would roar just breathing in his stall. I think in another couple months, even that will be gone. Amazing stuff!

  9. Heather King Mart

    About 6 months ago my barrel mare was diagnosed and treated for EPM. At first she seemed to be fully recovered, but then she started acting really strange. Her tracking was fine, but her back end would go out from under her at times. Then she started giving me trouble in the alley and her breathing seemed off. She was extremely jumpy, spooky, and overly sensitive, which was all totally out of character for her. So, I put her on #11 CNS support and #29 LCR per Mickey’s recommendation. It’s only been a month and she is on the road to recovery. She has her fire back and no longer looks like a deer in the headlights when I ride her. Her turns are great and she feels like my barrel mare again. I can’t wait to finish these products and move her onto the maintenance, so I can keep her on tract from now on. Thanks Silver Lining Herbs for helping me get my horse back!

  10. Mary Brosmer

    I have written to you several times recently for help and advice for my appaloosa mare, Dixie, for her fight against EPM – I would like you to know that her improvement over the last week to 10 days has been nothing short of a miracle!! Her in-coordination is barely perceptible, even at a trot. Her mood and appetite have greatly improved – She is my old Dixie again, bright, friendly, and quite bossy, demanding treats and attention. I can only attribute the changes to your wonderful products, CNS Support, Worm Foe, Immune Support and LCR! Thank you for your advice and many, many thanks for your wonderful products!!

  11. Anonymous

    It started last spring when our paint pony Fluffy became ill. His symptoms were getting worse and worming him made it even difficult for him to get up. He got a bit better and I quit worming him much to the dismay of my vet. He stabalized, but did not do anything more than lumber around. If he lifted his head above his withers, his head shook and he was obviously depressed. I had no idea what to do and the most humane thing was to leave him alone and wait for him to die or be ready to be put down…Someone told me about Silver Lining Herbs. Not being an herbal person, I had serious doubts. I switched all the horses to whole oats and three on the Training Mix. We started Fluff on CNS Support and Immune Builder. Only 2 1/2 weeks after starting Fluff on Silver Lining, he whinnied for his dinner for the first time since late last Spring. I cried. Then he began trotting around and playing in the snow. Again I cried. He can now hold his head high without shaking and is not falling down. His coat is looking sooo much better and he was able to stand for his hoof trim without leaning on three of us for support. My farrier thought I was nuts and now wants to switch his horse. He said he has never seen such a drastic turn around in a horse that sick that quickly. Also, he was in awe of how much better everybody else’s feet were that quickly…Thank you for helping our “old man” and the rest of our little herd. I’m so grateful for what you do and so grateful to have found Silver Lining Herbs.

  12. Betsy Kelleher

    While dealing with the consequences of EPM (2004) on my gelding, Traveller, a massage therapist suggested I check out Silver Lining products. I called and talked to Mr. Young and found his advise to be extremely helpful. Before giving Traveller #11 CNS Support, my therapist was telling me she felt heat in his poll area. One week after starting him on #11, she felt no heat. He also had many strange episodes similar to colic or a seizure over a 5 month period in 2005-2006. Based on a blood test, my vet suggested he had an ulcer. I put him on the #29 LCR, and he has not had those episodes since (2 years later). I also used the #24 Immune Support and #13 Worm Foe. Today, at age 23 he is looking better than ever, is able to be ridden lightly, and is still my “Old Reliable.” I am currently giving him #11 and #18.

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