Herbal Wormer for a Puppy

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Herbal Wormer for a Puppy - Silver Lining Herbs

Recently, I introduced you to “Lucky” Ned Pepper, the new mascot around here. He has definitely come in to his puppy phase with full force, chewing and getting into whatever he can find. This includes: stuffed animals, horse manure, the litter box (don’t ask, it’s gross), etc. You name it, he has likely found it at one time or another.

Now that our weather has finally started to warm up and the snow is melting, parasites are bound to start making an appearance into Ned’s environment. With him discovering everything outside, I decided now would be a great time for the Herbal Wormer. (If you didn’t know this already, we do have an Herbal Wormer specifically for dogs.) I feel this is the best option to help support his digestive system in making the body a non-conducive environment for the parasites and worms.

Non-conducive environment, what does that mean?!

Glad you asked! Think of it this way: If you have a junk pile in your yard, more than likely it is home to some mice. If you want to get rid of the mice, you could put out poison but eventually more will come. Instead, you could get rid of the junk pile which forces them to leave. The same concept applies to the digestive systems of our fur babies.


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