4 Ways to Keep Your Horses Hydrated All Summer Long

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4 Ways to Keep Your Horses Hydrated All Summer Long - Silver Lining Herbs

Water is life. That’s why staying hydrated is so important.

It’s essential for you, and it’s just as important for your horses. Hydration is crucial in maintaining the overall health and wellness of any animal.

Staying hydrated can help keep your horse active, support their muscles and joints, and even keep them cool as the summer sun beats down. And as that summer sun beats down, there are several things you can do to boost your horse’s hydration all summer long.

Select equine supplements can support your horse. You can take steps to give your horse all the hydration needed for a healthy summer.

Here are four fantastic tips to help you keep your horse hydrated!


Make Access to Fresh Water as Easy as Possible 

You may have clean, fresh water available — but is it easy for your horses to drink? Sometimes, when horses are in stalls or enclosures, they might not have consistent access to a water source.

A trough may be nearby, but access to it could be limited. During the summer — or when horses are most active — having easy access to drinking water can be essential for optimizing your horse’s health. Easy access to water helps support your horse’s daily activities, and the water can help keep them feeling cooler.

At the same time, monitor their water sources for grime, algae, and other potential contaminants. As always, make sure to filter and/or refresh their water regularly. 


Keep an Eye Out for Signs of Dehydration 

Part of boosting any horse’s hydration is watching for signs of dehydration. Similar to humans, signs you’ll want to watch for include fatigue and weakness.

Your horse may tremble when they otherwise wouldn’t. They may also seem slower or stiff as they move.

You can always check for dehydration by using the pinch test. Gently pinch the skin on the lower portion of their neck above the shoulder and release.

If the skin “snaps” back, the horse is hydrated. If the pinched skin is slow to fall back into place, they need water.

Here’s a fun fact: you can also use the pinch test on yourself by doing the same test on the back of your hand.


Add Electrolytes and Supplements 

Another way to boost your horse’s hydration is by ensuring your horse is receiving plenty of electrolytes. Consuming electrolytes can be just as important as having ready access to clean water.

A simple way to keep your horse’s electrolytes maintained is with a salt lick. Keep a mineral salt block near the water source, in the barn or stable — or anywhere where your horse has easy access to the salt block.

You can also support your horse’s hydration with a variety of horse supplements, including natural supplements made for immune system support and digestive support. For instance, when your horse’s digestion is supported, they may be better able to absorb water as it travels through their gut.

There’s no understating the following fact: gut health is essential for overall health. 


Wet Your Horse’s Feed 

Keeping your horse hydrated doesn’t necessarily require that your horse consumes more water. Fresh, green grass can be a source of hydration, as can apples and watermelon rind.

Wetting your horse’s feed is another great strategy for delivering a boost of hydration. Wetting your horse’s feed or hay can be beneficial during hot weather when you want to ensure all your animals stay hydrated.

It doesn’t take much, either. Pass over and spray their feed a few times, and you’re good to go.

The goal is to add a little moisture to your horse’s food without drenching the food. Adding moisture may be an extra step at feeding time, but doing this step is well worth it.

While wetting your horse’s feed doesn’t replace a hearty and healthy helping and source of water — such as a clean water trough — feeding your horse additional fluids can help keep your horse well hydrated. Your horse will surely appreciate the thought and care you invested in their dietary and hydration-related needs!


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