Lameness in Horses: Causes, Treatment and Preventions

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Lameness in Horses: Causes, Treatment and Preventions - Silver Lining Herbs

What does a Lame Horse means and what Causes:

When a horse becomes, or is acting in a lame manner, the result can be heart-wrenching. This lameness is an abnormality of gait that is caused by abnormal movement and pain. This discomfort can be caused by hoof angle, coffin bone, navicular bone, ligament, and neurological issues in the horse.

This can happen the same way an athlete gets hurt, either competing, training, or living a normal day. Because of the commonality of this horse issue, it is important to know what to do if lameness does happen and what you should do to prevent this lameness in your horse.

So what can you do for a lame horse? So many things can cause lameness in a horse. Poor hoof angles, coffin bone, navicular bone, and suspensory ligament issues can all result in a lame horse. If you own horses long enough, lameness is very likely to occur, no matter how well you treat them. will most likely happen. It’s important to know what to do if lameness does happen, and what to do to prevent lameness in your horse.

How to Treat a Lame Horse?

Lameness is a broad term because it can mean so many different things, but remembering to “Keep it Simple” is always a good idea. Going back to what the horse’s body understands as food is necessary for the best long-term and short-term results.

Horses search for herbs and food naturally when their body is lacking something or need support to improve their health. Most horses are not able to get the luxury of finding the herbs they needed as they did hundreds of years ago because of their lifestyle change. However, Silver Lining Herbs has made this variety of vegetation available again through our #12 Feet and Bone Support. This product covers any bone, tendon, or ligament issue, regardless if it is an excess or a deficiency.

Along with this, SLH suggests using our #37 Kidney Support. Kidneys filter out waste, excess fluids, and any impurities from the urinary system and the body. Because of this, we need to make sure we are supporting the kidneys to do their job to their best ability. If we don’t, it is more likely that these impurities will settle into tendons, ligaments, and joints causing elasticity and range of motion issues. Getting any toxins out of the horse will support the normal functioning of joints in the future.


Ideally, taking preventative steps to ensure soundness is key. Most take into consideration good physical care, like trimming and shoeing, but few take into consideration specific nutrition that can support long-term structural health. Silver Lining Herbs #12 Feet and Bone Support is great for the prevention of lameness.

Wear and tear happen on a regular basis from normal rising, so it is best to support your horses from the start. To maintain healthy tendons, ligaments, and bones, our #12 Feet and Bone Support does the job. This herbal blend can be used consistently or just on heavy ride days, whichever is best for your horse. To learn more about these products, check out this link.

The above covers lameness caused by structural issues. Lameness can be caused by other factors, such as; funguses, abscesses, neurological conditions, and many more. Consulting a qualified professional is always advised.

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