Liver Detox For Allergy Sufferers

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Liver Detox For Allergy Sufferers - Silver Lining Herbs

Liver detox and allergy sufferers

Liver Detox is an important process for allergy sufferers. Seasonal allergies happen as a result of an overloaded toxic state within the liver. The liver is the great detoxifier of the body and responsible for processing everything we come in contact with; therefore, it’s health has a huge impact on our overall health. When your liver is healthy it is able to better filter the blood and handle allergens, which will help in reducing the load on the immune system. Allergies can weaken your immune system if not treated effectively; consequently, enabling your uncontrolled allergies to turn into a sinus, ear, or upper respiratory infection.

Signs the liver may not be working properly

If you can identify with any of the following risk factors such as constipation, bloating and gas, yellow- jaundiced skin, acid reflux and heartburn, chronic fatigue, an inability to lose weight, high blood pressure, moodiness, anxiety and depression, dark urine, excessive sweating, or poor appetite, you could be suffering from a sluggish liver.

4 simple ways allergy sufferers can liver detox

  1. Remove toxic foods and add good foods to your diet. Foods that are highly processed, contain hydrogenated oils, and or refined sugars are highly toxic to your liver. A diet rich in vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts – carrots, cucumbers, beets, and leafy greens is ideal. Secondly, adding fresh herbs like parsley, rosemary, and spices like cumin and ginger can add to the enjoyment of vegetables and can also be. In addition, foods high in potassium, such as sweet potatoes, beans, bananas, beets and beet greens are also great for your liver. Also, eating liver or taking liver pills is highly beneficial as is eliminating grains and dairy.
  2. Stay hydrated –by drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day. Becoming dehydrated makes any mucous you may have harder to get rid of.
  3. Get enough sleep –a good way to boost your immune system! Your immune system produces the allergic reactions by releasing histamines and your liver breaks down the histamines. Getting enough sleep while allergies are flaring can be difficult. Taking a shower before bed, using a dehumidifier at night, and using clean, hypo allergenic bedding are all ways that can help make a good night’s sleep for allergy sufferers.
  4. Take herbal liver support supplements- be proactive in helping your liver!
  • Milk Thistle is considered “the king” of detoxifying herbs, so Milk Thistle it is perfect for liver detox. Milk thistle helps eliminate environmental pollutants in the liver, as well as helping to restore and heal, and is also an antioxidant.
  • Dandelion is another winner, being a natural diuretic, it helps the liver eliminate toxins quicker. It is also an amazing immune booster.
  • Burdock is another option that is in the same family as dandelion. Burdock helps detox your system by cleansing the blood, therefore, helping support liver function.

These 3 beneficial herbs can be found in our Herbal Liver Support

Bottom Line

Supporting your liver when it’s trying to heal the body is beneficial. Again, taking an herbal supplement can give your liver that extra boost.

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