4 Best Herbs to Support Your Digestive System Naturally in 2022

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4 Best Herbs to Support Your Digestive System Naturally in 2022 - Silver Lining Herbs

Digestion is the number one googled health issue for people, so it should be the number one thing that YOU should be concerned about when it comes to your own health. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said, “All health begins in the gut”, and there is a science to back this up. What are you doing to support your own gut health?

The Standard American Diet does so much harm to the digestive system. So before trying to make any progress on healing our gut health, we should start by cutting out things that are causing harm. These things include refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, processed foods, certain dairy products, and alcohol.

Think of our gut lining as a fishnet. It’s supposed to let the little fish through but stop the bigger fish. Compare that to the digestive system letting the good nutrients in and blocking the bad when our gut is healthy. Contrary, with a poor diet of refined sugars, unhealthy oils, and other things mentioned above, not only are the good things being absorbed into the bloodstream but so are the bad things. This leads to auto-immune diseases, GI issues, acne, fatigue, bloating, and a host of other problems. Also, remember our emotional well-being affects our gut, too, so be mindful of your stressors.

4 Herbs That Support Your Digestive System in the Most Natural Way:

  1. GINGER:

    Ginger is great for leaky gut, reducing inflammation, and also good for loose stools and nausea. Remember when your mother or grandmother gave you ginger ale when you had an upset stomach? The concept of adding ginger comes from ancient herbalists and truly works.


    Licorice root is good for healing ulcers in the stomach and for controlling your cortisol levels. If your GI issues are formed from emotional stress, which increases cortisol levels, licorice is a great herb to use.


    Slippery elm is great for a dry GI tract, constipation, and irregular bowel movements.


    Chamomile is great for bloating and gas, and, for relaxing our bodies.

These four herbs are included in our Digestive Support. Taken on a daily basis, it is excellent for supporting the repair and maintenance of our digestive tract and gut.

Healing Takes Time

Because of our Standard American Diet, healing takes a long time. The saying goes, “as far as you walk into the woods, it takes that far to walk out of the woods.” Remember, while you’re trying to heal your gut and digestive tract, you must eliminate those triggering foods mentioned earlier, and take the herbs on a consistent and long-term basis. If we take care of ourselves daily, by making a more conscious effort to be more intentional in our decisions on lifestyle and diet, we can live a great life! We at Silver Lining Herbs are dedicated to helping you live this high-quality and intentional life to the end.

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