Round Table Discussion Recap


Round Table Discussion Recap - Silver Lining Herbs

“That’s what so cool about Silver Lining is we have such a full line of products. I’m very confident that anything that is going on within the horse’s body, we have in our line.” – Josi Young

The experts Josi & Chance hosted a July Round Table Discussion where the experts answered many questions. The guys also filled our attendees in on our upcoming Christmas in July Sale, which you will not want to miss (minute 45)!

Minute 5:30 – One of the attendees, Cindy has been concerned about her easy-keeping horses potentially foundering. Chance learned from her that she has been dry lotting her horses because she was concerned about sugar levels. She also commented about them having cresty necks and fat pockets over their tail heads. This lead Chance to suggest 26 Thyroid Support as these are all symptoms of a thyroid issue and this can predispose them to the risk of Founder.

Minute 38 – Another guest, Mara and her daughter have a performance horse (barrel racing) that is suffering from delayed bleeding hours post run, but only when the weather is really hot & dry. The suggestions made were 24 Immune Support & giving 32 Nolasix pre & post run. This suggestion was made because when an issue like bleeding is happening it is a sign of a compromised immune system, and the capillaries are not expanding and contracting like they should. Instead the capillaries are bursting and bleeding under the increased blood pressure. The herbs in 32 Nolasix are designed to support the normal vascular system of the horse allowing the capillaries to expand and contract normally. When temperatures get hot, the is can be added stress on the body, and result in a lowered immune system. When this happens, supporting the individual with 24 Immune Support, allows the body to maintain a normal immune system.

“We want you guys to be on the right product because if you’re not getting the results, you’re not going to order products from us again. We want to create a relationship & longevity with you all and we want your horses, dogs & yourself to feel the best that you can.” – Josi Young

Key Products Discussed

“We have a huge passion for increasing the quality of health for horses, dogs & people and we’re here to walk side by side with you in order to do that.” – Chance Schuknecht

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