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The Tack Room Talk podcast presented by Silver Lining Herbs is back! Josi and Chance sit down and talk about the importance of immune health for your horses, your dogs and yourself. You can’t be sick and healthy at the same time so let’s stay healthy and the way to do that starts with the immune system.

Chance opens up with a great quote that holds so true:

“If you have your health, you have a thousand dreams, but if you don’t have your health you have one dream and that’s to get your health back.”

At Silver Lining Herbs we create a herbal product that addresses every part of supporting the immune system. A lot of times people try to make health whether it be with horses, dogs and/or ourselves too technical and our mission is to simplify that in one package/bottle.

Herbs are the purest form of vitamins and minerals. God presented all of the science for us through herbs that provide all of the vitamins and minerals you and your horses/dogs need. One herb provides countless vitamins and each of our products have a combination of 10+ different herbs.

Josi goes into tell a story about when he was in a rodeo accident. He broke several ribs which ended up rupturing his spleen (which is vital organ correlated with the immune system). And Chance talks about his own testimony when it comes to the 24 Immune Support.

Watch & listen to learn more about our immune support products below!

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