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On this weeks episode of Tack Room Talk presented by Silver Lining Herbs, Josi and Chance chat about our 13 Herbal Wormer for Horses and our 13 Herbal Wormer for Dogs.

The guys hit the nail on the head when it comes to deworming our animals. Instead of putting chemicals in our animals to rid parasites, let’s do it by putting with all natural herbs in their diet.

The combination of herbs used in the 13 Herbal Wormer for Horses are for the maintenance of a healthy and naturally worm- and parasite-free system. This combination works by simply maintaining an environment which is not welcoming to parasites and worms; they are opportunistic and need an unclean environment to thrive.

As for canine wormers, commercial synthetic dog wormers can have undesirable side effects, and only work against certain types of worms, with no effect at all on protozoa and some other harmful parasites. In contrast, the 13 Herbal Wormer naturally supports your dog’s natural defenses against worms, because when its operating correctly, that defense system is enough to destroy or expel unwanted parasites.

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13 Herbal Wormer for Horses

13 Herbal Wormer for Dogs

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