How to Start a Supplement Regimen for Your Horses, Dogs, and You

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How to Start a Supplement Regimen for Your Horses, Dogs, and You - Silver Lining Herbs

Searching for new ways to help support your horses’ health and wellness? Or maybe you’re searching for products that are beneficial for both you and your lovable dog.

You’re not alone.

Many folks have been looking for different ways to support themselves and their animals that go beyond traditional medicine and conventional health practices. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for health supplements to be made with filler ingredients — along with ingredients that might not be best for you, your dog, or your horse’s overall health. 

However, we keep things natural. Our horse supplements do away with useless fillers and unnecessary ingredients.

Instead, you’ll find a generous selection of natural and active herbs for horses in every one of our products. Are you ready to start your horse on a new supplement regimen with a focus on natural ingredients? Here are a few things to know. 


Why Take a Natural Approach to Horse Care? 

Since day one, we’ve been committed to using natural and effective herbal ingredients in all of our products. We said no to fillers and byproducts which serve no purpose in any supplement or health regime.

And we managed to do so for both horses and humans. Because, after all, why waste time with ingredients that don’t add any health benefits? 

We use ingredients that exist in nature and are known for helping target specific concerns. For example, you’ll find ingredients like marshmallow, slippery elm, chamomile, and rose hips in our Gut Support.

These ingredients help support balance in your horses’ digestive tract. When your horse’s gut is balanced, they’ll feel more at ease and more tempered — naturally!


Determine What You Want to Focus on 

Horses are complex animals with complex internal systems. At any given time, you may decide you need to focus on one area of their health and wellness more than others. For instance, if you’re concerned about parasites, it might be time to add horse dewormers to your horse’s feed. 

However, you (and your horses) aren’t just limited to one supplement at a time. Many supplements can be easily combined.

You can build a full regimen that focuses on gut support and build a regimen with our Gut Support, Immune Support, and Horse Probiotics supplements.

Perhaps you want to focus on respiratory care this fall? You can pair together Respiratory Support, Immune Support, Cardiovascular Support, and Nolasix for outstanding results.

You can mix and match for the exact combination you want. Simply read each product description to determine which supplement matches your current area of focus.


From Horses to Dogs…to You!

We may have an extensive range of horse supplements, but we can’t forget about our canine companions — or ourselves. You can find natural dog dewormers along with Immune Support products for your pooch.

And just like our horse supplements, each dog supplement is made with natural, plant-based ingredients — no filler or fluff included. 

For you and your family, it’s the same story. You can find immune system-supporting supplements along with options for your digestive system, heart, and more.

You decide what you want to focus on, and go from there. We’ll make it easy to create the perfect regimen for you, your dogs, and your horses.

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